Click Action Pens

Do Clicking pens annoy you? I prefer the click style pens more than twist pens, but it is annoying when someone else continually clicks.

Do you remember the James Bond Film with the clicking pen?

At Aussiepensnthings, we have several click style pens. Click Here to see our Click Action Pens

The most popular is the Executive Clicker Style Pens that uses a Parker refill. It is available in both gold and chrome fittings.

The Firefighter Pen has also proved popular A fire engine is etched into the clip end of the pen, and the pen tip features a fire water gun. The clip features a fire axe. The individual details of the pen pay homage to brave firefighters who put their lives at risk every day to protect and save the lives of others. The Firefighter Pen takes a Parker refill.

The vertex Style Pen is a relatively new click pen. The rugged, ready for anything hex shaped pen will not have trouble surviving any tough guy’s use. It is refined, faceted, hexagonal nuts and bolts design will surely impress any tool guy. The vertex pen has a super quiet, smooth acting click mechanism. The Vertex Pen uses a Parker Style refill.

There are many other styles including the Steampunk and rifle pens – more about them later.

A great item for anyone who prefers clicking rather than twisting!

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