Coming Up….

Hi Friends…..

New pens are are on the way….

I have two more of the “Skeleton” pens to make and then I will be onto the “South Western’ style pen.

These are great pens to make and are certainly different to your ordinary every day pen.

Biggest problem I have at the moment are the hot days (and nights) we are having.

In Queensland on the Sunshine Coast near Noosa Heads where I live we are having a week of 33deg-35deg….that is near the 100 degree mark in the old Fahrenheit scale.

It is about 33 deg. in the shed and far too hot too work.

I have a couple of old air-cons I will probably crank up to give me some relief and maybe I can get back to finish the pen boxes I have in progress.

Then I will be onto the new pens….wait until you see them.

The image below is the South Western pen which will be on the website in about two weeks….keep a look out.