Handmade Pen and Pencil Box Sets

Boxed Sets

Our boxed sets, that include pen and pencil are made from slimline kits.

The slimline pen is a robust pen with a twist action, incorporating a CROSS style refill (readily available at most stationers). The slimline pencil is either a 0.5 or 0.7 lead.

These Handcrafted Boxed Sets are made from many Australian timbers including Silky Oak, Gidgee, Dead Finish, Camphor Laurel,  hairy Oak and many more. We also make the boxed sets from resin and other materials.  They are a fantastic gift for a special friend.


Click here for more information about this pen and other Box Sets pens.

Many other styles of unique handcrafted pens are also available from twist pens to fountain pens. Click here to see our range of handcrafted pens.

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