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Pens are made from pieces of timber or Polyester Resin that are about 20mm square by 125mm long.

3/4″ by 5″ in imperial measurements.

Cutting and drilling the barrel

The first thing is to select a timber or Polyester Resin blank that has been previously cut to an approximate size.

I then cut the blanks to the length of the barrels I have, +about 2mm (+5/6mm on the resin as it can break out when the drill breaks through)

A hole needs to be drilled through the centre to allow the brass barrel to be glued in.

The barrell needs to be roughed up a little to give the glue something to grip on.

I usually leave these over night to dry and cure sufficiently.


Turning the parts on the lathe

The ends need to be squared off and then placed on a mandrel  on the lathe.

The blanks are turned down to the desired diameter and then sanded from about 180 grit to 400/500 grit.

Most pen makers use “Super Glue” to finish their pens and while this may sound a little cheap it leaves a superb scratch resistant high gloss finish.

The surface is sanded down to a very fine 12,000 grit using micro-mesh, this gives the surface a glass like finish.



After taking the finished pieces from the lathe the ends are cleaned up and using a pen press, the parts are assembled.

While the standard “Slimline ” pen is fairly straight forward to assemble, some of the other styles, (and there are many) are a little more difficult.

The finished article is a site to see.



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