How to turn a pen (Part 3)

This section shows the completion of the process

The pen is shaped to the style you prefer


Then it is sanded down through the sand paper grades to 12,000 grit which is extremely fine.

You then use the finish you prefer….oil and wax finishes do not stand up to continual handling, it is better to use a shellac or better still, about 10-12 coats of CA glue.

This is a Polyester Resin and can be wet sanded once again down to 12,000 grit.

It will come up like glass.

When turning Polyester Resin the sanding is similar.

You can sand down to about 400 grit and then wet sand right down to the finest grit and you will have a glass like finish once again.


Putting the pieces together…next time…

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