How to Turn a Pen…Part 4 –

Joining the pieces togetherTo join up the two Barrel pieces we have completed we need a “Pen Press”.

Some Pen Turners use their lathes or a wood vice or some other method they have devised.

I personally like the pen press specifically made for the job.

It make like a little easier.

The first thing generally is to line up the parts as they will be pressed together.


Then press the nib section on to the lower tube.

Second. I press the clip and top button onto the upper tube.

Then the twist mechanism is inserted at the other end to the writing nib.

Being very careful not to press in too far…(There is a line to which you are supposed to press up to)’

I generally press to with a millimeter or two of the line and then assemble the pen and twist the writing point out.

You can then judge how much extra you need to press to have the writing nib extend out for a comfortable distance

If you press the mechanism in too far initially it is virtually impossible to get is back out….thus..the pen may be ruined..

You then slide the centre band  over the mechanism and the pen refill is inserted and screwed into the mechanism and the top barrel twisted and pressed over the lower barrel.

When all this has gone together well you end up with the final product.

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