Handcrafted Bakers Oak Dart Set


Hand crafted Darts Sets.

These sets are weighted at 23Grams.

My Handcrafted Darts Sets  Made From Bakers Oak timber is an exceptional handcrafted item and is one of my best sellers. This would make a fantastic gift for a special friend.

Please note you can only add (1) of this item to your cart. This item hown in the image is unique and is a one off as are all of the pieces made in my workshop. Any section of Timber, Polyester Resin or most materials have a different grain pattern. These patterns are generally never repeated.

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Handcrafted Darts weighted to 23 gms.

Handcrafted in beautiful Bakers Oak.

Great addition to your dart range.

View below for more product details and a description of the material this item has been handcrafted from.

Item Name Darts Set
Fittings N/A
Material Bakers Oak
Shipping Australia: Free within Australia
Shipping International: $10.00
Warranty: 90 Days
Payment Options: Credit Card
Direct Debit

Oak trees in general

While the common or English oak (Quercus robur) is perhaps the best known of all the oaks, it is just one of around 600 species that make up this genus belonging to the beech (Fagaceae) family. The genus is mostly comprised of deciduous or evergreen trees, but there are also a few shrubs. Many species are large and impressive trees that live to a great age. Although most will grow too large for the average garden, these ornamental trees are suitable for parks, large properties, and street planting, provided there is sufficient space for them to reach their full potential. The timber has long been valued for ship-building, furniture-making, and paneling.

Bakers Oak



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