Bespoke Chinook Style Purple with White Swirl Fountain Pen – BFP107


You will receive a bespoke or custom pen with a cap clip made entirely in my workshop from resin blanks. This Fountain Pen is unique and is from our Chinook range. It includes a Bock #6 nib, an international standard converter, and a small pen case.

This series of pens are created with a “minimalist” look and is intended for use as a desk/office pen.

The four main components of a bespoke fountain pen are:

  1. The Body, which is the main part of the pen
  2. The Cap which protects the nib
  3. The Section which screws into the body and holds the nib and
  4. The Nib

The body, cap, and section are made using a lathe in the workshop. The threads between the body and cap are triple start threads to allow for quick opening and closing. Other threads are a single start. Each item is turned to shape, sanded with many grades of grit, and then polished.

Key information:

Overall Length: 15 cm

Maximum diameter: 1.6 cm

Weight: 25 gm


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Please note you can only add (1) of this pen to your cart. This pen shown in the image is unique and is a one-off as are all of the pens made in my workshop. Any section of Timber, Polyester Resin, Polymer Clay, or most materials have a different grain pattern. These patterns are generally never repeated.

The cap and body threads are in resin and are tight at first but with use will become easier to use.

This pen is listed on another site.

The dimensions and weight are approximate.

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View below for more product details and a description of the material this pen has been handcrafted from.

Item Bespoke Chinook Fountain Pen
Material Purple with White Swirl Resin
Shipping Australia: Postage Free within Australia
Shipping International: $24.00
Warranty: 30 Days
Payment Options:
 Credit Card MasterCard/Visa-card
 PayPal PayPal members
EFT Direct transfer From Australia Only

Resin is used in making pens all over the world.

Blanks are available from many websites and the range is vast.

It is a little harder to turn than timber and dulls the tool edges much quicker.

However, some people prefer the vibrant colours compared to the timber on pens and other items.

Some photos are listed below….

Blanks 4Pen Blanks 1Blanks 2










Additional information

Weight 60 g


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