Handcrafted African Wild Olive Sierra Stylus Pen


My Handcrafted Sierra Style Pen Made From African Wild Olive is an exceptional handcrafted item and like most crafted pieces on this website sell very quickly. This would make a fantastic gift for a special friend.

Please note you can only add (1) of this pen to your cart. The pen shown in the image is unique and is a one off as are all of the items made in my workshop. Any section of Timber, Polyester Resin or most materials have a different grain pattern. These patterns are generally never repeated.

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This pen can is made From Genuine African Wild Olive.
View below for more product details and a description of the timber this pen has been handcrafted from.

Item Sierra Stylus Pen
Finish Gun Metal Finish
Material African Wild Olive
Shipping Australia: Free within Australia
Shipping International: $10.00
Warranty: 90 Days
Payment Options: Credit Card
Direct Debit

Stems and Leaves:
Leaves are a shiny grey-green colour with the under surface being green or yellowish brown. Leaves are simple with a rectangular to elliptical shape, entire, with recurved margins. They have a hooked tip and are opposite, growing from 6-10cm long and 10-25mm wide. The petiole (leaf stalk) is 10mm long. The bark is grey to blackish-brown. It is rough but may be smoother in older plants.
Flowers and Fruit:
Small green-cream, privet-like flowers which bloom in late spring to summer. The flowers occur in axillary panicles that are shorter than the leaves. The calyx (the sepals of one flower collectively) is 4 lobed and 1mm long and the corolla (the petals of a flower collectively) is greenish white or cream and is 1-2mm long. The fruit is a round drupe with a sharp tip at the end. The fruit is usually 15-25mm long and 6mm in diameter, fleshy and glaucous (dull blue-green in colour with a whitish bloom which can often be rubbed off). When mature the fruit is black to dark purple. The seed is brown, oblong and is 1 to 1.5cm long and oily.

African Wild Olive

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