Handcrafted Red Cedar Executive Click Action Pen – PEN1010


My Handcrafted Executive Click Action Pen Made From Red Cedar is an exceptional handcrafted pen and is one of my best sellers. This would make a fantastic gift for a special friend.

Please note you can only add (1) of this pen to your cart. This pen shown in the image is unique and is a one-off as are all of the pens made in my workshop. Any section of Timber, Polyester Resin, Polymer Clay, or most materials have a different grain pattern. These patterns are generally never repeated.

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My Click Action pens are one of my favorites and this Pen is fantastic.

This pen is Crafted from a Red Cedar blank.

Pen Style Executive
Fittings Gold Finish
Material Red Cedar
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“Commonly known as the red cedar, Toona ciliata is a large rainforest tree up to a height of 40–60 metres, which ranges from southern parts of Asia through New Guinea into Australia. In Australia, it is found on the east coast between southern Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Due to its size and valuable timber, this species has been extensively logged since European settlement. The timber is used in cabinetry for its softness, texture, and rich red colour, hence the common name red cedar.

The bark of a juvenile is smooth, although mature trees have scaly, fissured bark. Even as a juvenile tree, the buttress root will be identifiable, and will develop to be quite protruding. The white or soft pink flowers are 5mm in diameter, in a 30–40 cm inflorescence, and bloom in late spring (November to January). The fruit is a thin, dry, woody capsule, which splits into five valves. Fruit will develop from late summer (February to March). The seeds inside have a papery, wing shape appendage that is used in wind dispersal. Fruiting will commence from six to eight years of age. The leaves are 15–45cm long and pinnate with 6 leaflet pairs. As one of Australia’s native deciduous trees, the leaves will fall in autumn (late March) and grow back in spring (early September). The new leaf growth is reddish-pink colour.

Toona ciliata requires well-drained soils with a deep profile and a high nutrient load. A cover of leaf litter is preferred, which would mimic its natural habitat.

The habit of growth and tree structure depends greatly on the habitat. In sheltered areas of forest that are protected from direct sunlight, Toona ciliata has a characteristic, straight, “gun barrel” trunk which stretches to the top of the canopy. This form is ideal for timber use. Trees in open, exposed areas are shorter and have large spreading canopies, ideal for shade trees. Some scorching can be expected on the western-facing leaves of trees in exposed sites.

Seeds should be fresh to maximise recruitment success. Scoring or removing some flesh from the seed can help germination, which may take up to 12 months. Cuttings can be taken and propagated. However, seed germinated trees tend to have a stronger root system.

Seedlings are sensitive to lack of water (drought), fire, and weed competition. Seedlings should be protected in partial shade to avoid bleaching of leaves. Trees, however, are frost hardy. The Cedar tip moth, or shoot-borer, Hypsipyla robusta, is a pest that eats out the new shoots pith. This moth larva is particularly a problem on juvenile trees and will cause premature branching out.” Australian Government – Native Trees




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