Handcrafted Scentless Rosewood Traditional Style Fountain Pen PNF185


Give This Pen as a Gift to Someone Special

My Handcrafted Traditional Style Fountain Pen Made from Scentless Rosewood is an exceptional handcrafted item and like most crafted pieces on this website sell very quickly. This would make a fantastic gift for a special friend.

This Standard Fountain Pen features an Iridium Point German nib.

If you are a Collector or Connoisseur of Fountain pens and prefer high quality Accessories I now stock “Bock” Nibs and Schmidt Ink Pump Converters…some of the finest brands available.

The Schmidt Ink Pump will not fit this pen style …”Bock” nib option only available

Choose the options you require from the drop down lists.

You can choose from a variety of Nib finishes and nib point writing thickness.


Bock Calligraphy Nibs (Polished) are now available in 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm.

Please choose in options

Option 1.    Standard IPG NIB (good quality..never had any problems with this style)

The IPG stands for iridium Point Germany. ( the Iridium on the point is from Germany (high quality))

Option 2/10    Bock Nib kit (choose finish) and point style (extra fine, fine or medium)

Please note you can only add (1) of this pen to your cart. This pen shown in the image is unique and is a one off as are all of the pens made in my workshop. Any section of Timber, Polyester Resin or most materials have a different grain pattern. These patterns are generally never repeated.

Please Add To Your Cart Now if you wish to purchase this unique one off pen.

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View below for more product details and a description of the material this pen has been handcrafted from.

ItemTraditional Style Fountain Pen
FinishGold Plating
MaterialScentless Rosewood
Shipping Australia:Express postage Free within Australia
Shipping International:$22.00
Warranty:90 Days
Payment Options:
 Credit CardMasterCard/Visa-card
 PayPalPayPal members
EFT Direct transferFrom Australia Only
Synoum - large tree Chatswood west.jpg

Synoum is a monotypic genus of evergreen tree in the family Meliaceae. It is endemic to Australia where it is found along the eastern sub-tropical to tropical coast, usually on the margins of rainforests, in Queensland and New South Wales.

The genus was originally described by French naturalist Adrien-Henri de Jussieu in 1830.[1]

The only species recognized is Synoum glandulosum, known commonly as scentless rosewood.[2] It resembles the related Toona, except that the leaves have 5-9 leaflets, whereas Toona has 8-20. Its fruit matures December to January and is a reddish three-lobed capsule that contains two or three seeds surrounded by a red aril. Germination from fresh seed is reliable and relatively fast.

The timber of Synoum is used in local construction as sawn timber for general house framing, flooring, mouldings and joinery. It is also used for furniture, shop and office fixtures, panelling, turnery, carving, as structural plywood, scaffold planks, wood wool, paper products, particleboard, and medium density fibreboard.







Additional information

Weight60 g
Fountain Pen Nib Options

Calligraphy Set,, Standard IPG Medium Nib, Bock Polished Medium Nib, Bock Polished Fine Nib, Bock Polished Extra Fine Nib, Bock Two Tone Medium Nib, Bock Two Tone Fine Nib, Bock Two Tone Extra Fine Nib, Bock Gold Medium Nib, Bock Gold Fine Nib, Bock Gold Extra Fine Nib, Bock 1.1mm Calligraphy Nib, Bock 1.5mm Calligraphy Nib, Bock 1.9mm Calligraphy Nib


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