Handcrafted Cook Town Ironwood MK 2 Bolt Action Rifle Pen.


Smooth bolt action.

A great talking pont.

One of my best selling pens.


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Handcrafted from genuine Cooktown Ironwood



Fittings Gold Finish
Material Cook Town Ironwood
Shipping Australia: Free within Australia
Shipping International: $5.00
Warranty: 90 Days
Payment Options: Credit Card
Direct Debit

The Cooktown Ironwood tree is endemic to northern Australia, from northeastern Queensland to the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Commonly known as Cooktown Ironwood, the species is found in wide range of environments from arid savanna to tropical rainforest. The species is a valuable source of timber, which is exceptionally hard and dense as well as being highly termite resistant.

Ironwood is semi-deciduous, dropping much of its foliage in response to the prolonged winter dry periods which are the norm within its native range. The foliage of the tree contains toxic levels of alkaloids and has been responsible for numerous deaths of both cattle and horses.

Cooktown Ironwoody


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