Why do People Still buy Fountain Pens?

Why do People Still buy Fountain Pens?

  1. Fountain Pens are a sustainable item

Fountain pens are not “throwaway” items. They can be refilled with any colour ink and the nibs can be changed to give a completely different writing experience.

  1. Fountain Pens are a personal item

Many people who use fountain pens tell me that they love to write with them, and they will not lend them to others. “Carry a ballpoint pen as well, so that you can loan it to someone else” I was told. Perhaps there is a little bit of prestige with them as well!

  1. Fountain Pens are great value in the long run

Sure, the purchase cost of fountain pens is much higher than almost any other type of pen, but they can be refilled repeatedly, making them a great choice for people who write a lot.

  1. Fountain Pens can be a Collector’s Item

Many people who love Fountain Pens, purchase several. Collectors sometimes base their collection on nib size, like size 5 or 6 so that the nibs can be interchanged. (This is not possible on some fountain pens)

  1. Fountain Pens are easily recognised by their owners

Many users of fountain pens purchase bespoke pens that are either upmarket or handmade. The handmade fountain pens are easily recognised by the barrel material, being either wood, resin, or polymer clay.

  1. Nib Interchangeability

Most Fountain Pens allow the nib to the changed. Nibs come in different widths, different materials, and different flexibilities (as well as calligraphy types). Mostly, nibs are either super fine, fine, medium or wide and made from iridium, stainless steel gold, and mixtures of the materials.

  1. Ability to change Inks

Not only can the ink type but also the colour be changed. Simply empty the reservoir and clean the nib and ink delivery system with water, allow to dry and refill.

  1. Fountain Pens produce great Writing/Drawing and fun!

The ability to change the width, ever so slightly of the line allows for a richer development of the characters. The finished work is a joy to the writer and the receiver.


Fountain pens are also a great conversation starter since they are quite rare amongst the general population. Start your collection and enjoy a traditional writing experience without constantly dipping your quill into an ink well!

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