PLEASE NOTE: We are having difficulty in sourcing fountain pen nibs, during these times. Please contact us to confirm we have the bib of your choice in stock. We will provide the nearest nib, at times.

All Fountain Pens are Hand Crafted in Australia at my workshop by me personally with Quality Materials and Fine Workmanship. . My Hand Crafted Fountain Pens are Fantastic to write with and a pen that everyone should own!!
If you are a Fountain Pen collector or connoisseur you can now make your choice of our latest addition…Direct from the UK we now have the “Bock” Nib (made in Germany) as well as their Calligraphy Nib in various sizes. These can be fitted to ALL pen styles and the “Schmidt” International Standard Ink pump which will suit the “Victorian”, “Castellar”, “Pristina” and “Roman Harvest” style pens
Most of the Fountain pens I provide have a Medium point IPG Nib (Iridium Point Germany) as you will see in individual Fountain Pen descriptions. The hard metal on the point is sourced from Germany which allows manufacturers to add the logo.
Please read the give a good insight into the development of Fountain pens…Click & paste into your browser or highlight & right click and choose open link…
The do’s and don’t’s of looking after Your Fountain Pen.
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“10 timeless tips for a long and satisfying life with your Fountain Pen.
If you would rather not lend your precious fountain pen, always keep a ballpoint in your pocket to help out a borrower.
If you don’t mind lending your fountain pen, keep the cap. That way it won’t “accidentally” walk off with its borrower.
If you write with small letters, use a fine nib. For large letters, use a larger nib.
If you’re bothered by a scratchy nib, choose a Medium one.
Always replace the cap with the nib upward. Like magic, the air pocket will force excess ink back into the pen.
If you’re going to fly with your fountain pen, keep it either full or empty. At altitude, even a little air could expand and force out some ink.
If you’re not going to use your pen for a while, keep it empty and clean the nib before storing it. The acids in ink together with oxygen starts oxidation which corrodes your nib if ink is left in the pen.
Write with your cap posted. If you accidentally drop your pen, hopefully the heavier end will reach the floor first rather than the nib.
Replace the cap when you put your pen down, or keep it posted at all times, to prevent an impetuous roll off the table.
Rinse your nib and section at least once a month with cool water until the water runs clear.”