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My Preferred Pen Making Timbers

Pen Making Timbers There are literally hundreds of timbers available in Australia for pen turning. Some are softer than others and turn very easily, whilst “outback” timbers are often hard and more difficult to turn. Some of my favourites include silky oak, camphor laurel, jacaranda, mango, avocado, and sandalwood. Camphor laurel produces a unique smell […]

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Handcrafted Pens “n” Things

At “Aussiepens ‘n’ Things” we handcraft items that are posted to many parts of the world. The pens are all made in my workshop at Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. An ideal location with wonderful beaches and a short drive to the hinterland. The pen barrels are made from a great variety of […]

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Bolt Action Pens – Explained

Bolt Action Pens   Bolt Action Pens are one of the more popular styles with our customers, due to the action of operating the pen. There are other types of bolt action pens, of course, and here we explain the different types and their benefits.   The bolt action pens are a subset of clicker […]

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