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Unpickers or Seam Rippers ??

Do you have a Seam Ripper in your sewing basket..??

We also have stiletto tools to aid your hobbies.

This invaluable sewing tool will quickly become one of her favorites. The sharp pointed tool keeps fabric from shifting when sewing ends of seams and grabs and adjusts straying fabric with its sharp tip. It’s ideal for needlework, sewing, leather-work and quilting. Makes a great gift when created along with our seam ripper kit, in fact, the stiletto blade is interchangeable with seam ripper blades – so one holder can serve as a holder for either blade.

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Valentines Day Sale

A Red Pen for Valentines Day

A great Valentines Gift for your favourite friend.

Lots of new Fountain pens…my best selling item. What could be better than giving a RED pen to your best friend for Valentines Day.

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My Bullet Pen Selection

I have a Standard Bullet Pen and a Mini Bullet Pen on my website at the moment

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