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How to get a long life out of a Fountain Pen

How to get a long life out of a Fountain Pen Fountain pens are often the most expensive pens that money can buy. However, for many people the joy of owning and writing with a fountain pen makes it a great value item. Here we look at what you can do to maximise the life Read More

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Why Fountain Pen Make Amazing Retirement Gift!

There are countless reasons to give a colleague a retirement Gift. There are also countless options to choose. However, a fountain pens makes an amazing retirement gift, particularly in these days. I have given several fountain pens to mature people and their comments usually include – something I can use! So here we go what Read More

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Pen Inks Explained

The choices for pens is huge and so choosing the right one for your or your friend’s situation is important. Consideration is given to colour, type of ink, point size and feel. Here we talk about the type of inks that are used in.   Ballpoint Pens (Click Here for all Pens) Ballpoints are one Read More

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