Handcrafted Pens “n” Things

At “Aussiepens ‘n’ Things” we handcraft items that are posted to many parts of the world.

The pens are all made in my workshop at Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. An ideal location with wonderful beaches and a short drive to the hinterland.

The pen barrels are made from a great variety of materials,

  • an endless supply of high-quality timbers. The timers are sourced from sustainable suppliers and many recycled timbers like oak barrels, fenceposts, discarded wooden furniture, unwanted plaques, recycled decking, etc. Australian timbers include camphor laurel (considered a noxious weed in our area), silky oak, red cedar, cypress pine, hairy oak, blackwood, bloodwood, black wattle, yarron and many more.
  • an enormous range of polyester resin and acrylic from reputable suppliers, in Australia and USA
  • amazing polymer clay creations using Sculpey and Fimo products that are readily available in our area, and
  • materials like leather, carbon fibre, snake skins etc. from suppliers who are very clever with those sorts of materials.

The metal pen components are sourced from reliable suppliers in Australia, the USA and the UK.

We make several styles of Fountain Pens, like the JR Series, AstonMatin, Traditional, Roman Harvest, Pristina, Mistral, and Leveche to name a few.

Rollerball, twist pens, click pens, slimline, themed pens, and many other styles of pens are included in our range.

The colourful pens made from polymer clay and resins add another look from the traditional timber pens.

Look at our website at the range of unique handcrafted pens.

The things are also made in our workshop in Tewantin. Included in this group are letter openers, bottle stoppers, shaving brushes, pendants, seam rippers (unpickers), small bells, etc.

The range is extensive for both personal use and as gifts for women, men, and young people. Our items become birthday gifts, retirement gifts, and gifts for any occasion.

Take a moment to stop by and check out the changing range.


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