The “Pen Design Studio” allows you to design a pen by selecting the type of pen, the material, and the fittings to create an ideal pen for yourself or for a friend.
When choosing from this section, please be aware that the pen needs to be made by us to your specifications – allow for handcrafting and the normal shipping times. For example, if ordering in Australia allow two weeks for delivery and overseas, allow four weeks for delivery. We will always try to reduce the delivery time from our end.
If you are a Fountain Pen collector or connoisseur you can now make your choice of our latest addition…Direct from the UK we now have the “Bock” Nib (made in Germany) which can be fitted to ALL pen styles and the “Schmidt” International Standard Ink pump which will suit the “Victorian”, “Castellar”, “Pristina” and “Roman Harvest” style pens. Both these items are top quality and will add pleasure to your writing.

Please note:
(a) Free shipping applies to “Pen Design Studio” pens,
(b) Wood grain (and resin colour) will usually vary slightly
(c) From time to time pen manufacturers may alter the clip types and facet designs. These changes are generally slight and, in some cases, barely noticeable.
(d) We will be in touch with you about delivery