My Old Favorite

The Bolt Action Rifle Pen

Probably my biggest selling pen.

This Pen is a constant selling pen…

It never seems to slow down…customers just keep buying them.

The pen has a replica bolt action which operates veeeeery smoothly similar to the bolt action style rifles.

It looks brilliant in a dark or figured wood as well as the many Polyester Resin patterns that come from various suppliers.

The introduction of the new ‘South Western” style pen has been delayed somewhat due to a couple of problems.

It has been so hot here in Queensland for the past ten weeks…. (30 plus degrees with 8o-90% humidity)….and too hot to works in the shed.

Other reasons being problems with my back

Bad back

and would you believe…..I bought a “Fitbit” step tracker and in three weeks developed a rash

that turned into Cellulitis and near ended up in hospital….Could not turn for a few weeks.

Did find out I was doing about 14,000 steps per day….wow!!!!

Hope you are all well and I will be back with more news shortly