Pen Lovers Guide to the Universe – 9 Attributes

Are you really a pen lover? Perhaps if there are more than a dozen within eyesight right now, another dozen in the desk drawer and others hidden in places around your home or office – you might be a pen lover. Do you have symptoms when you cannot find any of your favourite five pens? Be careful you might be a one of those!

Here are a few things only pen lovers understand.

  1. Handwriting is art! You enjoy both creating these art works and receiving them, especially with nice messages. As a creator, you know that your receivers could be closet pen lovers. As a receiver of these are works, you have developed a high sense of delayed gratification, as opposed to the instant “feel good” keyboard warriors.
  2. You are concerned about vagrant ink marks on your art works and you take great pains to remove all hints of them ever being there. Creatively smooth ink lines soothe your soul!
  3. The best gift that you can receive from anybody is a handcrafted unique pen, especially if it is unique. Sure, you enjoy receiving a box of pens rather and a box of flowers, but chocolates are another matter.
  4. The best gift that you can give to a loved one is a well-matched handcrafted pen. You choose slim slender, colourful ones for one type of person and chunky, rough pens for another. You delight in your choice because your choice is usually perfect!
  5. You spend your spare time lusting after handcrafted pens in online pen stores and occasionally stroll into a traditional store to spend quality time in the pen aisle. Nothing wrong with finding your own heavenly experience in such a place!
  6. You get overly excited when you first try a new pen, especially a fountain pen – the ink flows lovingly though the ink delivery system onto the nib as it slides onto the paper in swirls of happiness and delight. So much more exhilarating than a ballpoint experience. Although, you must admit there is a small rush of adrenaline, even for a ballpoint. No time to talk about the amazing feelings about roller ball pens!
  7. The music of your life is enhanced by the dulcet sounds of a handmade clicking pen. You can even detect the variances in the sounds of the different types of clicker pens. What a skill! Don’t be concerned, you may not be alone!
  8. You know all about people by the pens they carry. Your classification system is unique and not ready for publication or general discussion, but secretly it gives you an unbelievable insight into complete strangers.
  9. You must have every type of pen that is available – thick ones, thin ones, colourful ones, wooden ones, clicking ones, twisting ones etc. etc. One suggested cure is to resist all temptations on every day other than the middle of each month (the 15th)!


If you exhibit all nine attributes, the answers to many questions are clear, lesser number of attributes show that you have a tendency towards uniqueness and beauty. So, there you have it, pen lovers of the universe unite. Be yourselves and don’t let those doubters put you down. Be strong and continue to convert those whom you love.

By David from Aussiepens “n” Things.

2 thoughts on “Pen Lovers Guide to the Universe – 9 Attributes

  1. Owen says:

    Lovely, articulate, whimsical words about pens, words which excite penofiles.
    Great read and wonderful products David. Thanks

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