Try the “Executive Click pen”

Have a look at the range of “Click” pens.

There is  a good display of the “Executive” click pens on my site at the moment.

There will be more styles of “Click” pens added before Christmas.

The “Pen Design Studio” is going well at this time.

Have some fun choosing your own pen style, material and fittings colour….the image changes as you click around the twenty two different types of material

There are only three pen styles on at this time, however a further seven are in the pipeline including a propellant pencil and four styles of Fountain Pens.

A new supply of Fountain pens have recently been added and some have already sold.

Do not delay in getting your Christmas gifts early.

Don’t forget the “Free” pen offer if you purchase two items or more and a further 10% if your order totals over $100.00