Skeleton Pens


The Skeleton Pen is unusual!

This classically designed pen is based on the idea of a skeleton key – first used for over two thousand years. They were the precursor to the master key. The keys were able to open many doors with similar locks. These locks were designed centuries ago and were widely used until the early twentieth century. Many old-fashioned skeleton keys were made during an era when elaborate metalwork was prized, so we’ve created a skeleton key pen clip with intricate decorations and ornamental flourishes. It gives a smooth writing performance. Plus, the antique pewter finish is formulated to simulate the sophisticated sheen of time-worn pewter. The authentic patina and natural darkening bring out the details of the finish and create a unique feel with a charm all its own.

The Skeleton Pen is a ballpoint twist pen with a Parker refill. (Available at all good stationery stores)

As you can see, these are elaborately designed pens and would most certainly be a talking point among friends.

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