Step by Step – Cleaning Your Fountain Pen

Translucent Fountain Pen

Step by Step – Cleaning Your Fountain Pen

You have your first fountain pen, or you are just confirming your care program. Here is a detailed step by step guide to cleaning a fountain pen.

  1. Remove the Cap, either unscrew or pull apart and place to the side
  2. Unscrew the barrel from the nib section, place barrel section to the side
  3. Remove the ink storage system – cartridge, bladder or converter
  4. Remove the ink from the nib by rinsing the nib section with water. When clear (no ink), submerge the nib section in a small container of room temperature clean water overnight, to loosen any ink residue.
  5. Remove nib from the water container and allow it to dry or dry with a soft towel, preferably a microfibre towel (to avoid leaving any marks). Some people use a paper towel for this task but be sure to purchase a good quality one that will not scratch any of the pen components.
  6. Insert the ink storage system to the nib. If filling from an ink bottle, make sure to shake the bottle prior to adding the ink to the fountain pen.
  7. Reassemble the fountain pen and make sure that all parts a properly screwed in place. Wipe the barrel and cap clean.
  8. When not in use, keep the cap on and the nib pointing up (to reduce the likelihood of any ink spills)

When changing colour of the ink or ink brand, carry out the cleaning process before refilling to avoid any contamination of the different inks.

The cleaning process for fountain pens is quite simple but can be messy if you do not take care. Most good quality inks are colourfast and if you do end up with a little ink on your fingers, it will take a few days to wear off.

Take the time to regularly clean your fountain pen and you will have many years of enjoyment.

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