How to Choose the Best Pen for Someone

How to Choose the Best Pen for Someone

I am often asked, “What is the best Pen?” An interesting question that should provide a different answer for every person.

All pen types have their advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a pen, it is important to understand the purpose and budget.

Mainly the ideal pen for each person will suit their writing style and the reason for the writing. Each pen type has ink and ink delivery system and a writing “nib”, after all pens simply place ink onto paper and good pens do this in an orderly fashion.

Here are a few tips to help you decide.

There are several common types of pens:

Ballpoint Pens

Rollerball Pens

Gel ink Pens, and

Fountain Pens.


Generally, for people who write occasionally, the ballpoint pens, which use oil-based inks may be the most cost-effective writing instrument. Other pens will do the job, but they all have other advantages. Ballpoint pens are available as twist pens (a twisting action exposes the point), click pens (a clicking action exposers the point), and fixed pens. (A cap sometimes needs to be removed to expose the point)

Rollerball pens generally use a water-based ink which allows for a sharper line; however, bleeding and feathering may occur with some poorer quality papers. Users of rollerball pens report that they are easy to write with for long periods of time, so they are often preferred by creative writers. The ink is water-based and is available in many more colours than oil-based ink.

Gel ink refills may be found in both rollerball pens and ballpoint pens. They are easy to write with but must be stored with a cap, otherwise, the ink dries quickly, and they may not be useable later. However, they are a dream to write with. Gel ink refills are generally more expensive than the water-based refills.

Fountain Pens are the oldest pens and were originally called refillable pens as their predecessor, the quill, had to be constantly dipped in ink in order to write. Fountain Pens are usually the most expensive of this group of pens, but many people just love the nostalgic feeling they get when writing with a fountain pen. Many people like to use fountain pens for official documents and signing while there is a select few who use fountain pens all the time.

All these pens are available in handcrafted models as well as mass-produced models. Collectors and connoisseurs often prefer bespoke pens that are uniquely handcrafted.

Whatever the pen choice, regularly cleaning and care will extend the life of the pen almost indefinitely.

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