The Skeleton pen…WOW..!!!

I have many new Pen Designs to add to the website and this “Skeleton Pen is one of them.

There are about twelve in all and hopefully over the next month or so they will slowly be added to the site.

Other new additions that need checking out are the  “Mayan”, “Faith” and “gearshift” styles.

These are elaborately designed pens and would most certainly be a talking point among friends.

I have added handcrafted boxes to the website as well as some from my suppliers as I am receiving inqireis for various styles of boxes.

I will be adding single groove and double groove boxes in three or four different types of timber.

Please check them out.

The boxes will not be a “Unit” that is included in the  “Free Pen Offer” for two items purchased.

The boxes are handcrafted and finished will a Danish Oil and can be rejuvenated if required with any quality furniture polish.

Flock box 1BOX001Box B