Why Fountain Pen Make Amazing Retirement Gift!

Premium Fountain Pen

There are countless reasons to give a colleague a retirement Gift. There are also countless options to choose. However, a fountain pens makes an amazing retirement gift, particularly in these days. I have given several fountain pens to mature people and their comments usually include – something I can use!

So here we go what are the other reasons that a fountain pen makes amazing retirement gift.

1.Fountain Pens are unique and useful.

For those who write letters, journals and other non-digital messages will find a new way to write with a fountain pen. Custom or hand-crafted fountain pens make the gift unique. You can choose the style of pen, the nib size, the ink delivery system, the wood type (They may have a favourite wood) or resin colour. Click Here to check out our other blogs for more details

If they do have one, then they will add another valuable item to their collection.


  1. People are unique and special.

The choice of fountain pens is endless. So, matching up the people with the pen is important. As a colleague, you will know the type of writing instruments they prefer, like large or small, heavy or light, ink colour etc. Try to match the pen with the person! Some vendors will also offer engraving (or laser etching) to personalise the item.


  1. Fountain Pens require practice to write and draw neatly

Learning to write neatly or simply improving writing with a fountain pen takes a little practice. Some prefer to experiment with line drawing. It does not matter; the recipient is now able to learn a new skill which could help build self-esteem and confidence.


  1. Fountain Pens encourage writing

It does not matter who the recipient is, as soon as they pick up the fountain pen they will want to write. As they develop better skills, as they open a new world.


  1. You might get a letter

Exchanging letters is an age-old way to keep in touch. Not suggesting throwing away all the modern technologies relating to communication, but handwritten letters remain a very special part of our social fabric, particularly for the more mature among us. You might also need to brush up on your handwriting skills, if you receive such letters.


  1. Health benefits

Health benefits include (a) maintaining fine motor skills that are required for good writing, (b) inspiring the creative juices, in selecting words or even line drawing and (c) social interactions in exchanging letters.


As you can see fountain pens inspire and encourage creativity – writing and creating art that van only be good for the recipient. Take care in your choosing and the useful and special gift may mean more than you ever thought. Click Here for a Luxury range of ready-made fountain pens and for custom made fountain pens, Click Here.

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